Welcome to the ‘Ad Sensus’ (Toward Understanding) blog.

The intention of this blog is to give us, and anyone who wishes to comment on the posts, a forum to explore the universe we find ourselves in through conversation, thought, contemplation, philosophy, whatever.

I don’t like moderating/censoring so I tend not to do it. Your might have to wait for your first comment to turn up though, or if you post more than one link in a comment. That is just a spam reduction method.

A couple of things to keep in mind when reading/commenting:

1. Keep it respectful – you don’t have to agree with everything, but disagree while respecting the person.  Good-natured verbal sparring is encouraged, personal attacks are not tolerated. Overly ‘blue’ language might be removed.

2. Try to keep on topic – Keep the comments developing the topic of the blog post as much as possible.  Good conversations tend to wander around a bit but try to keep the conversation starter in mind and come back to it from time to time.


We’ve lived long enough to have a fairly developed worldview.  There are certain things we’ve wrestled with over the years, and some of them we probably won’t personally be spending more time arguing over.  Feel free to discuss with others in the comments (keeping in mind rule 1 from above).

An inexhaustive list of those presuppositions include:

1. We are a Christian community, so a monotheistic god is presumed to be a part of the universe. Exploring who that god is will be part of the exploration of the universe.

2. Following from the first, the universe is created.  Six day, theistic evolutionary, big bang, Six vision theory…however you want to interpret Genesis in the bible, it was created.

I hope we get some good conversations going in the comments that can help develop understanding, of the universe, and of the creatures that populate it, including each other.


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