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Being wrong II

Posted in Musings with tags , , on July 26, 2011 by johnfom

Last night I posted a short aphorism about being wrong. Here I want to expand on that a little bit. This is arising out of a conversation I’m in over at naked pastor:

When someone is wrong we tend to put them into boxes based on which of the categories we think they are. Sure, we can leave them in limbo for a period while we try to figure out which one of the categories they are, but eventually we’ll think of them as one of those categories.

Are they lying? No, there doesn’t seem to be an intention to deceive there. Are they deceived? Well, possibly, but they don’t seem to have swallowed any lies, they just see a different meaning or outcome. Not being the other two they must therefore have missed out on some information that I have (dense), so I’d better tell them everything I know so they can see things my way. If that doesn’t work then its back to the first two categories depending on how much we like the person (if we like them they must be deceived, if we don’t then they are deceptive). Of course religious folk have another category to put the ‘leftovers’ in. If they are wrong, and we can’t honestly put them in the first 3 categories, they must just be sinful (depraved). There we go, all neatly categorised into what sort of wrong they are, and we can relate to them as their category befits

I’m not saying that the categories should be done away with. There are those for who the shoe undoubtedly fits. I’m saying the categories are inexhaustive and we should try to create for ourselves the possibility of relating to someone who, being wrong, is not deceived, dishonest, dense or depraved because, IMO and experience, they often aren’t any of these.


Being wrong

Posted in Soundbite Philosophy with tags , , on July 26, 2011 by johnfom

Life could be better if we could find a way to let our fellow beings be wrong without necessarily thinking of them as deceived, dishonest, dense or depraved.

Meritocracy -v- Grace

Posted in Soundbite Philosophy with tags , , on July 18, 2009 by johnfom

Meritocracy Dad: If you pass your exams, we’ll take you on a holiday.

Grace Dad: When you finish your exams, we’ll go on a holiday.

Inspired by a reading in ‘Savage Shepherds’ by Adam Harbinson

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