life in the hoods | nakedpastor

Fine observation, this. I can see myself chewing over it for a few days, if not weeks. I’m particularly interested in what answers come for his final question :


We live in a world of hoods: Childhood. Parenthood. Motherhood. Fatherhood. Brotherhood. Sisterhood. Neighborhood. Manhood. Womanhood. Falsehood. Priesthood. Sainthood. Statehood. Nationhood. Unlikelihood. Victimhood.

It is important to know that…

most people live, mostly unquestioning, within some of these hoods;

these hoods mean different things at different times in different places to different people;

these hoods all possess unspoken assumptions we call common sense;

those who challenge these unspoken assumptions are considered crazy or dangerous.

 What happens if you or someone else challenges the common sense of these hoods?

via life in the hoods | nakedpastor.



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