Changed the header today.  This is a picture I took on a trip to Dunoon a few weeks back.  Some will recognise it as the valley and road leading up the Rest and Be Thankful in Scotland, specifically a photo taken from the car park at the top of the hill where you can buy some pretty good bacon butties from the catering van.

Rest and Be Thankful, Scotland.

If you think about it, this road was probably a walking track back in the days before cars, when most people probably couldn’t afford to own a horse and cart.  After walking up that hill, the place where the car park is today would be an excellent spot to stop and have a glance back at the beautiful view.  A perfect spot to rest and be thankful, particularly thankful that the climb was over, especially if the climb had been through one of the snowfalls like the ones that regularly close the road even these days.  (If you look really hard you can maybe see some cars on the road to give you a sense of the scale of the hill, under the ‘ai’ of faith in the header.)

I have this photo as a background on my desktop as a reminder to ‘rest and be thankful’ from time to time for everything I have, not least that I’ve had the opportunity to live in a country that has views like this one. (It is a stunning view when you are there.)  I’m usually pretty good at the resting bit, but this helps me on the thankfulness.

Rest and Be Thankful. Aptly named in my opinion.


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