What’s your Economy?

Image from freakingnews.com

Image from freakingnews.com

Economy can be defined as “Careful, thrifty management of resources, such as money, materials, or labor” or “A specific type of economic system (an industrial economy; a planned economy)”.

With the ongoing financial turmoil there’s some talk of a ‘new world’ and ‘new ways of thinking’.  I noticed even my favourite bit of monthly escapist reading, Top Gear magazine, has a bit in the editorials about it.

The editor, Michael Harvey, writes”…what I’m hearing are predictions that it will never be the same again.” … “Along with the realignment that’s required to get the financial sector working again, there’s a moral realignment that goes hand in hand with it. We are all going to feel differently about money when this is all over.’

Most of it is, of course, merely rhetoric designed to sell papers and get some sort of news story. Trying to whip up a bit of a collective ‘OMG’ in other words.  But I think there is a true observation at the base of it.  For all our (in the west) consumerism there seems to be a change in the attitudes of many I speak with.

There is a sort of ambivalence growing towards the new big TV, the latest technology, the bigger house, the newer car.  Maybe it’s just me, but there seems to be an increasing desire for ‘the good life’ and the good life doesn’t include chasing the dollar/pound.

For myself, I have long viewed my paid work as an exchange of my time for enough money to ‘do’ the things I want: have a place to live, gain access to reading material, go on drives around Scotland and see this country I’ve temporarily adopted as my home, have people over for dinner or meet them at the pub for a chat.  My economy runs on the collection and creation of stories.  I work just enough to pay the bills and do those things I just listed.  If the price of fuel goes down, I work less.  If the price of a pint goes up, I work more.   I try to work just enough to sustain that lifestyle and gain the stories that go with it.  If the stories stopped comming, there’d be no point in working, or in going out of whatever wee hovel I was living in at all for that matter.

So, has there been a change in your view of what the ‘good life’ is?  I’m interested in how and if people’s view of what they are pursuing in life has changed.  What is your economy?


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